• Why coaching and not a just a standard How-to course?

    Believe me, I have been tossing around the idea of launching a ‘How-to Start a Podcast Course’. But after doing my market research, I found that people were not 100% invested in the idea of a one-size fits all course. I can tell you there are already so many podcasting courses on the market that will give you the basic step-by-step instructions of how-to launch a podcast. What I discovered the market is lacking is the personalized coaching and mentorship side that I think is so valuable in launching a successful podcast. No two podcasts are the same, so why should learning how to start one be standardized?

  • What is different about coaching?

    Instead of giving you another cookie cutter course to invest in, I want to help walk you through starting the process of launching your own podcast through my new personalized podcast coaching and mentorship. We’ll go through step by step the process from start to finish. We’ll set personal milestones and timelines that fit your life but also give you the drive and motivation to bring your podcast vision to reality.

  • What can I expect from coaching and mentorship?

    One-on-one communication through your preferred meeting platform (Zoon, Skype, Phone, etc.)

    Scheduled check-ins (weekly & monthly options available) to stay on track with goals and milestones

    Work together to build a strong foundation for your podcast so it is built to lastBreak down your WHY

    How-to-connect and build an authentic audience of people for your show using

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